What you will learn

Course outline

Lesson 1: Medical Coding Overview

  • Define the purpose of medical codes.
  • Relate how ICD codes are used, and by whom.
  • Recognize ICD-10 code structures and subsets.
  • Describe the role and attributes of medical coders.

Lesson 2: ICD-10 Medical Coding and Terminology

  • Recognize common medical terms.
  • Recognize medical term prefixes.
  • Recognize medical terms suffixes.
  • Recognize medical terms root words.
  • Combine vowels and letters.
  • Deconstruct medical terms.
  • Pronounce medical terms.

Lesson 3: ICD-10 Medical Coding and Anatomy

  • Recognize the biological systems in the human body.
  • Recognize the functions, key components, and conditions or diseases of each biological system.
  • Match each biological system with the corresponding ICD-10-CM code range.
  • Match each biological system with the corresponding ICD-10-PCS Section and Body System codes.

Time: About 60 minutes.