We hope you never need this course

But we want you to be prepared

Developed by researching numerous authorities, this course includes videos, knowledge checks, and interactions. We hope you will find it helpful in preparing yourself, your colleagues, your classmates, and your family members to overcome tragedy during an Active Shooter event.


  • Recognizing the Active Shooter
  • Preparing for Active Shooter Threats
  • Reacting to the Active Shooter
  • Supporting the Law Enforcement Response
  • Reviewing Additional Resources

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define, active shooter, and describe past active shooter events.
  • Recognize potential violence indicators in those around you..
  • Prepare yourself and others for potential active shooter scenarios.
  • React effectively to an active shooter incident.
  • Respond properly to arriving law enforcement personnel.
  • Locate additional information and resources.

Time: About 60 minutes.

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