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Since 2006, we have been working and playing in the best-known consumer Virtual Reality (VR) environment, Second Life, which boasts somewhere between 600,000 and one million users. We have found it to be a great way to provide training to our clients because of its:

  • Strong vendor support with regular updates.
  • Free user accounts.
  • Global accessibility.
  • Communications resources, including text chat, voice chat, and language translation.
  • Presentation resources, such as in-world video and web content.
  • Robust 3D authoring tools, giving us the ability to mock up real world locations and situations.
  • Real-time instructor and student interactivity.

In this course, we will show you how to use these resources to create your own exciting 3D training venue and conduct events within it.

We will also look at:

  • Establishing a user-friendly and policy compliant presence in-world.
  • Providing external and in-world training for employees on accessing Second Life and using its resources.
  • Creating customized role-play learning experiences.


1. Introducing Your Virtual World Classroom

  • Enabling Audio and Video Streaming
  • Enabling Voice Chat
  • Enabling Chat Logging
  • Classroom Rules
  • Avoiding Interruptions

2. Advancing Beyond Orientation Island

  • Identifying SL’s Uses
  • Understanding In-World Concepts
  • Talking the Talk
  • Getting Help
  • Locating In-World Resources

3. Configuring Account Settings

  • Choosing Between Free and Premium Accounts
  • Recognizing Age Restrictions

4. Using the Viewer

  • Adjusting Your Viewer’s Interface Controls
  • Adjusting Your Preference Settings
  • Using Advanced Viewer Settings

5. Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Viewer Issues
  • Troubleshooting Connection Issues
  • Troubleshooting Lag Issues
  • Optimizing Viewer Graphics for Maximum Performance

6. Optimizing Your Avatar

  • Optimizing Your Avatar’s Appearance
  • Modifying Your Body Parts
  • Modifying Your Clothes
  • Buying Your Appearance
  • Working with Attachments
  • Creating Outfit Folders
  • Using Animations
  • Using Gestures

7. Managing Your In-World Image

  • Optimizing Your Profile
  • Optimizing the 2nd Life Tab
  • Optimizing the Web Tab
  • Optimizing the Interests Tab
  • Optimizing the Picks Tab
  • Optimizing the Classified Tab
  • Optimizing the 1st Life Tab
  • Creating Good Profile Pictures

8. Conducting Yourself Well in SL

  • Understanding Second Life Terms of Service
  • Understanding Second Life Community Standards

9. Collaborating With Others

  • Chatting With Residents
  • Optimizing Text Chat
  • Optimizing Voice Chat
  • Communicating with Offline Residents
  • Participating in Groups    

10. Creating Groups

  • Defining a Group Charter
  • Establishing Member Roles
  • Inviting Members
  • Sending Group Notices
  • Sharing Objects
  • Setting Object Permissions
  • Granting Friends Object Permissions
  • Granting Groups Object Permissions

11. Managing Your In-World Money

  • Buying Linden Dollars
  • Understanding the Linden Economy

12. Buying Your Land

  • Understanding Land Types
  • Understanding Parcel Sizes
  • Understanding Prim Counts
  • Choosing Between Rented and Sale Land
  • Choosing Between Mainland and Estate Land
  • Choosing Between PG and Mature Land
  • Recognizing Protected Land
  • Understanding Land Prices
  • Calculating Tier Fees
  • Calculating Estate Fees
  • Calculating Rental Fees
  • Locating Land in Search
  • Exploring for Land
  • Locating Land Through Internet Resources
  • Viewing Parcel Information
  • Viewing Parcel Descriptions
  • Determining Parcel Ownership
  • Determining Parcel Borders

13. Managing Your Land

  • Configuring Parcel Properties
  • Describing Your Parcel
  • Working with Group Ownership
  • Defining Access Properties
  • Defining Object Properties
  • Defining Media Properties
  • Expanding Parcels
  • Increasing Prim Counts
  • Merging Parcels
  • Dividing Parcels
  • Landscaping Your Land
  • Working with the Terrain Topography
  • Working with Terrain Textures
  • Configuring Estate Properties
  • Establishing Permissions
  • Terraforming Your Land
  • Establishing Security
  • Managing Estates
  • Managing Residents
  • Managing Scripts
  • Logging Visitors
  • Using Enabling Add-Ons

14. Creating and Building In-World Content

  • Working with Objects
  • Creating Basic Objects
  • Linking Objects    
  • Working With Scripts
  • Creating Basic Scripts
  • Understanding Object Permissions
  • Creating Machinima

15. Conducting Your Event

  • Pre-Event Planning
  • Creating Your Venue
  • Creating Your Media
  • Building Interactive Elements
  • Configuring Media Presentation Settings
  • Communicating Your Event
  • Conducting Your Event as Host
  • Conducting Your Event as Presenter
  • Following Up on Your Event
  • Evaluating Events
  • Managing Recurring Events

To participate in our in-world courses, you will need to create a free Second Life account and go through orientation. 

Time: 8 hours

Venue: Second Life

Completion: Certificate provided