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In this course, we will show you how to plan for, set up, conduct, and evaluate a first-class online event ins Zoom.


1. Introducing Zoom

  • Recognizing Roles
  • Recognizing Interface Components
  • Using Audio
  • Using Video
  • Sharing Documents
  • Sharing Screens
  • Sharing Web Links
  • Working with Participants

2. Creating and Managing Events

  • Creating Meeting Event
  • Enrolling Participants
  • Inviting Participants
  • Educating Participants
  • Managing Meeting Microphones
  • Managing Meeting Cameras
  • Managing Emotes
  • Sharing Presentations
  • Sharing Documents
  • Sharing Videos
  • Creating and Conducting Polls
  • Recording Meetings

3. Creating and Managing Breakouts

  • Creating Breakout Rooms
  • Assigning Participants
  • Sharing Content from Breakouts

4. Advanced Topics

  • Working with Add-on Apps
  • Reviewing Meeting Recordings
  • Reviewing Meeting Participant Logs

5. Troubleshooting

  • Resolving Network Connectivity Issues
  • Resolving Microphone Issues
  • Resolving Camera Issues
  • Resolving Display Issues

6. Locating Additional Resources

This is a hands-on course, so to get the most out of it, you should download and install the free Zoom app before class.

Time: 4 hours 

Venue: Zoom

Completion: Certificate provided