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Conducting a training event via Microsoft Teams can present challenges unless your event is properly set up and hosted. We have a lot of experience with this. In this course, we will show you how to use Teams' functionality to create a first-class online classroom environment.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain a basic awareness of Microsoft Teams components
  • Successfully navigate the Microsoft Teams interface
  • Conduct meetings
  • Recognize and address problems
  • Locate support resources


  • Reviewing notification email and logging in
  • Directing new users to orientation resources
  • Orientation resources: Join meeting help
  • Launching Microsoft Teams
  • Configuring speakers, microphone, and camera
  • Joining the meeting
  • Enabling/disabling microphones and cameras
  • Sharing desktops, windows, and PowerPoint
  • Uploading PowerPoint files
  • Seeing Teams while screen sharing
  • Troubleshooting device settings
  • Device settings: They might not be saved
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Recording meetings
  • Working with the People pane
  • Raise your hand, attendance
  • Working with the Meeting chat pane
  • Meeting chat notifications
  • Sharing files
  • Expanding on Meeting chat
  • Recognizing Team chat window components
  • Opening private chat sessions
  • Recognizing Channels
  • Returning to meetings
  • Ending meetings
  • Initiating meetings
  • Inviting participants
  • Adding Channels
  • Managing Channels
  • Channel links
  • Multiple meetings
  • Managing team Members
  • Managing Channels
  • Managing Member permissions
  • Managing Guest permissions
  • Why deviations from the Happy Path?
  • Locating meetings if “lost”
  • Locating meetings: Search
  • Meeting invites: Sending
  • App versus browser
  • Logging in: Browser
  • Logging in: App
  • Logging in: Microsoft account
  • Logging in: Multiple Microsoft accounts
  • Logging in: Clearing previous logins
  • Logging in: Adding missing participants
  • Naming participants
  • Member versus Guest permissions
  • Permission to add/remove participants
  • Permissions to present
  • Presenter confusion
  • Presenters versus Attendees
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Teams on multiple platforms
  • Starting the meeting
  • Starting the General meeting
  • Exercise: Create channels and meetings
  • Additional resources
  • Questions and answers

This is a hands-on course, so to get the most out of it, you should download the free Microsoft Teams app before class.

Time: 4 hours

Venue: Teams

Completion: Certificate provided